Business philosophy

Our core business - working with and for our customers - is at the centre of our thoughts and actions. We do not speculate, we invest.

This philosophy has brought us success in Western Austria, Southern Germany, Eastern Switzerland and Northern Italy since 1904.

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Key figures
BTV at a glance

This is where you will find the most important key figures and information on the BTV Group - from the latest Annual Report to the number of shareholders and the number of employees.

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BTV Stadtforum
BTV promotes engagement

In the centre of Innsbruck, the BTV Stadtforum invites customers and employees to communicate.

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3 Banken Gruppe - Portrait

The foundation of the 3 Banken Gruppe was laid with the 1952 Syndicate Agreement between BTV, Oberbank, BKS Bank and Creditanstalt.

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Financial reports



Its responsibility towards its customers, shareholders and employees - a responsibility that BTV takes very seriously - has made BTV a highly profitable business. Our success is based on steady growth, a consistently cautious risk policy and a business model which focuses on the needs of the customer.


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The Forum Kunst Stadtforum (Forum for Art in the Stadtforum) is the exhibition room for contemporary international photographic art.

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