BTV Stadtforum

A bank's headquarters is always an expression of the company's view of itself. Therefore, deciding on the new Stadtforum says a lot about the philosophy of BTV. In the heart of Innsbruck, within the outwardly modest building employees and customers are supposed to do one thing: communicate. The newly created, spacious room for further education and diverse cultural activities is not luxurious, but rather an expression of the bank's values.

BTV Stadtforum

  • Start of construction: April 2004

  • Completion: August 2006

  • Gross above-ground floor area: approx. 15,500 m²

  • Gross below-ground floor area: approx. 9,400 m²

  • Basement garage parking spaces: 300

  • Workstations: 500

Being a successful business also means taking on social responsibilities. This creed is clearly expressed by the company's headquarters, the BTV Stadtforum. The renowned architect Heinz Tesar, born in Tyrol and winner of the 2011 Grand Austrian State Prize designed a symbiosis of the traditional and the modern. He created a five-storey building in the centre of Innsbruck, designed to make you feel at ease, which was opened in 2006.

Bank with culture

The Stadtforum did not just create a new head office building, but rather a place of engagement and communication with ambitious cultural offerings. The "Ton Halle" event centre, the FO.KU.S exhibition space for photography and art, and the award-winning restaurant "Sitzwohl": BTV is inviting customers, interested parties and employees to enjoyment, reflection and discussion.

For discerning customers

The new consultancy centre forms the heart of the bank: located directly in the entrance area by the pedestrian zone, this is where we focus on the needs of discerning customers - branch, meeting room and self-service zone under one roof. Whether the discreet customer support area or modern self-service zone - fulfilling or surpassing the high demands of our customers is BTV's aspiration.

Outstanding architecture

The historically protected Gilmschule is integrated in the BTV Stadtforum. This creates a delightful mixture of new and old, which is continued inside. The sophisticated architecture has already gained several well-known architecture prizes for the Stadtforum: the 2006 Austrian Property Developer Prize, the award from the state of Tyrol for new buildings, a nomination for the European "Mies van der Rohe Award" architecture prize and a final place in the Otto Wagner Urban Planning Prize 2007.

BTV Marketing and Communication
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Ton Halle
The acoustic heart of BTV.

The BTV Ton Halle is the venue for a great number of events. It does not just offer space for cultural activities such as music events or lectures, but also constitutes the platform for information events for customers, employees and interested members of the general public. It brings people and markets together.

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The Stadtforum art forum (known as FO.KU.S) is BTV's exhibition space. Located in the BTV Stadtforum and directly accessible from the pedestrian zone, the gallery enriches the cultural life of the city.

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