The 3 Banken EDV-Gesellschaft (Data Processing)

In 1991 the companies Oberbank AG, BKS Bank AG and BTV AG founded the 3 Banken EDV-Gesellschaft (3 BEG). This cooperation saves costs and leads to innovative solutions.

Whether it's creating new hardware and software, developing and implementing client solutions, promoting expertise or carrying out improvements while systems are running: the three banks bear the costs equally and thus manage to satisfy the most demanding requirements. This leads to considerable cost savings for each of the three banks, as well as the highest quality.

Safe and competent

3 BEG currently manages over 10,000 programmes. It processes complex business cases, handles cash transactions, designs graphics and is available to answer employees' questions on all manner of IT and communications technology related issues. In all of this, security takes top priority: the computer centre pays meticulous attention to system stability so as to maintain a smooth business operation, and ensures the highest standards of data protection. Protecting customer data is afforded the greatest priority.