3 Banken-Generali-Investment Gesellschaft

The 3 Banken-Generali-Investment Gesellschaft is the joint investment fund subsidiary of the 3 Banken Gruppe (Oberbank AG, BKS Bank AG and BTV AG) and Generali Holding Vienna. The 3 Banken-Generali Investment-Gesellschaft is able to produce sustainable and wide-ranging investment perspectives thanks to its recognition of trends and realistic assessment of the markets.

Product range

  • Attractive and clearly structured range of hedge funds under our own management

  • Comprehensive range of bond funds and bond concepts under our own management

  • Active share management by external allocation to internationally renowned partners

  • Attractive range of many innovative management concepts (capital protection, absolute return, etc.)

The 3 Banken-Generali Investment-Gesellschaft provides its customers with securities and hedge funds in the bonds and shares sector. The cooperation between the three banks and Generali means that the customers benefit from the profound knowledge of the investment experts at BTV as well as the experience of Generali in insurance and financial matters.

In addition to using its own comprehensive core skills, the 3 Banken-Generali Investment-Gesellschaft also has access to the specialist services of internationally renowned partners, for example in the field of active share management and emerging market bonds.