Corporate philosophy

Money is valuable and must be protected to the full. BTV is fully aware of this responsibility and lives up to its creed of "Do not speculate, invest" with consistence and success. BTV fosters a conservative value model: its decisions are guided by the principles of independence, self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship. This is something that is appreciated by both our discerning private customers and our medium-sized, export-oriented corporate clients.

BTV is the bank that can meet the stringent demands of private customers and medium-sized, export-oriented corporate clients in Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Vienna, Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Switzerland. Its new brand name BTV VIER LÄNDER BANK (the bank of four countries) shows where BTV's commitments lie: namely, in long-term and successful involvement in all four countries.

We do not speculate, we invest

BTV invests instead of speculating, because money is valuable. BTV only does business in sectors that it understands, namely locally and in its domestic markets. BTV has been practising its cautious and forward-looking business philosophy for many years and has come through several crises in the global and financial economy relatively unscathed. This makes BTV a reliable and predictable financial partner - without any nasty surprises.

Independent and self-sufficient

BTV takes its decisions locally, independently and autonomously, without political power games or corporate guidelines. So, it can focus on being business-minded - in the interests of its customers, shareholders and employees. BTV's independence is assured by a syndicate agreement between BTV, Oberbank and BKS Bank. The 3 Banken Gruppe (3 Banks Group) is a network of three independent and strong regional banks, which even today still represents a convincing and highly competitive alternative model to multinational financial groups.

Close relations

The success of BTV is, above all, a result of close relations with its customers. BTV employees take time to ascertain and understand customers' needs, so we can find the most appropriate solution. BTV customers benefit from extensive market knowledge, specialist expertise and rapid decision-making capabilities.

A one-stop shop for networking and expertise

BTV has a full banking licence in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In addition to a wide range of financial services, BTV uses its holdings in and cooperation with other businesses to also offer related services such as insurance and leasing to its customers, all from a single provider. BTV is the representative for Tyrol and Vorarlberg in the German Chamber of Commerce and the Switzerland-Austria-Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce - a fact that is very much appreciated by our export-oriented corporate customers. Moreover, BTV maintains business contacts with more than 900 correspondent banks worldwide.